Ukrainian food : the specialties to taste

Ukrainian food
11.12 2018
Ukrainian food : the specialties to taste

Today's Ukrainian cuisine is based on a tradition of country cuisine, punctuated by the seasons, the very long and cold winter, and the warmer, shorter summer.

It consists of cereals and vegetables (potatoes, cabbage, beets, mushrooms, carrots, squash ...). As far as meat is concerned, Ukrainians mainly eat pork (especially smoked bacon), chicken and beef. Fish is eaten dried or smoked.

Ukrainian main dishes

In terms of Ukrainian specialties, borsch soup is by far the most famous. It is a traditional soup made with vegetables, especially beets, which gives it a rather red color. If the soup is green, it is made with sorrel (also nettle).

The Ukrainian borsch is different from the Russian borsch. In the Ukrainian recipe, some crushed bacon a clove of garlic are added at the end of the cooking. In the Ukrainian recipe too, the vegetables are cooked separately before being added to the soup, while the Russians do everything in the same pot, like for regular stews.

There are also special places, other than restaurants where to eat in Ukraine. In the kolyba (literally, lumberjacks) in the Carpathians is a real pleasure, the food is delicious and not expensive at all. The following dishes are all typical of this region, and to absolutely taste during your stay. 

  • Galoubtsi: cabbage rolls stuffed with meat. 
  • Pelmini: they look like Italian tortellini. Stuffed with pork, or other ingredients such as chicken, cheese, mushrooms, beef and potatoes. They are usually filled with fruits (cherry). 
  • Salo: raw salted bacon and garlic, very much appreciated by the Ukrainians and have pleased the taste buds of many non-Ukrainians as well. 
  • Chachliks: oriental-style meat skewers of pork and chicken. 
  • Vareniki: this is the favorite snack of Ukrainians. A sort of ravioli stuffed with meat, mashed potatoes or cheese. They are often served with cream. 
  • Accompaniments: they are often to ask in addition to the main dish. They are often potatoes in patties, or steamed; sometimes cabbage, black or white kacha (crushed wheat).

The country of bread

In Ukraine, bread is also a serious business. There are several bakery specialties of this country that are especially breads. Ukraine also produces an excellent wheat, whose flour is used to make breads, varied and tasty. Among his specialties there are: 

  • The famous Babka: soft bread with raisins and dried fruits. 
  • Kolash: Christmas bread, braided. 
  • Koroval: a round and braided bread often served in weddings. Features winkles or birds. 
  • Pampushki: fresh rolls that accompany the borsch. 
  • Paska: Easter bread decorated with cross-shaped motifs and roses.

Taste Ukrainian specialties

Although restaurants specializing in Ukrainian cuisine are now numerous in the world, nothing beats cooking on the premises. And in addition to a unique cuisine, Ukraine also has incredible sights.

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