A trip to the mountains in Ukraine

Ukraine's mountains
01.12 2018
A trip to the mountains in Ukraine

Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe. The capital city is Kiev. The official language is Ukrainian. The Ukrainian land has rivers, plateaus, and black fertile plains or chernozems, which are rich in humus. Ukraine is home to the famous Carpathian Mountains, which are located in the west.

The Ukrainian mountains gain popularity as hiking, skiing and extreme sports destinations for tourists. At the foot of the mountains, there are forest trees, thermal water and mineral water. In addition, the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains are open for mass tourism every year because of the different cultural festivals which are held there.

The Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains

The highest Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains consist of two high mountains, which are the Hora Hoverla and the Crimean Mountains. The Mount Hoverla is the tallest mountain in Ukraine at 2,061 m; whereas the Crimean Mountains are at 1,545 m.

The Mount Horvea is in the Eastern Beskides, in Chornohora. The Crimean Mountains range into the south-eastern coast of Crimea. In fact, due to their height, size and peculiarities, these mountains have been enlisted as UNESCO's World Heritage.

Explore the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains

The mountains are wildlife sanctuaries and host unique animal and plant species. The sites encompass excellent hiking trails. Beech forests and spruce forests cover the mountains, and there is also a belt of sub-alpine meadows called polonyna. The foot of the mountains encompass minerals and thermal water. If you organize a trip the Ukrainian Mountains, here are some ideas on what to do.

Discover the wildlife sanctuary

  •  The forested areas feature beech and spruce forest trees. They are located in the borderlands of Europe and in Eastern Ukraine. Steppe-dwelling species inhabit the forested areas. 
  • Ukrainian Mountains are rich in animal and plant diversity. In fact, martens, wild boars, lynxes, wolves inhabit the mountains. Predatory mammals and brown bears abound in the forests of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Beavers, mink and otters inhabit around the lakes and rivers. 
  • The most common fish species which inhabit the rivers and lakes are carp, bream and catfish. 
  • The Ukrainian Mountains are also rich in microorganisms. In fact, more than 6,600 fungi species can be found there.

Recreational activities in the mountains

  • Go fishing, hunting in the mountains. The lakes and rivers are home to a variety of fish species; whereas the mountains are home to wild animals which can be hunted. 
  • Go skiing. The mountains feature excellent skiing trails for those who like skiing in winter. The Bukovei Ski Resort is the perfect accommodation when you go skiing in the mountains. The resort has a Spa center, a fitness center, and excursion spots. 
  • Discover the local musician talents at the Bukovei Ski Resort. 
  • Attend cultural festivals. Different kinds of festivals are held at the Ukrainian Carpathians every year. It is so enriching and captivating to attend those festivals. 
  • Go mountain trekking and bike riding. The panoramic landscape, with the cool breeze and amazing view of the blue-green landscape makes trekking and bike riding popular. The view at the top of the Hoverla Mountain is breathtaking. 
  • Enjoy the scenic landscape. The Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains feature several picturesque waterfalls. The view of the waterfalls are fascinating and magical. 
  • Visit the sacred Maniava Monastery. It is located near the healing spring water at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains on Maniava Skete. 
  • Relax in the thermal water. The hot thermal bath is so relaxing and energizing after the trekking and bike riding around the mountains. It is so enjoyable.

Organize your trip to Ukraine

For an unforgettable adventure to the Ukrainian Carpathians, the best thing to do is to organize your trip in groups with eDreams. You can go there with your family members, with your colleagues, or close friends.

Explore the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine and take part in the most exciting vacation activities it offers, from sightseeing, to mountain bike riding, to hiking. And if you go in winter, it is a great spot for skiing. To get more information on how to organize your trip, go to the eDreams website and book your flight and accommodation early.