Visiting Ukraine : what you must know

Photo Visiting Ukraine : what you must know

Ukraine is a destination at the crossroads between Central and Eastern Europe. It borders Russia and is not far from Turkey. This beautiful country has beautiful mountain ranges, the Carpathians, suitable for skiing, hiking and various forestry and mountain activities.

The shoreline, overlooking the Black Sea, is a popular summer destination for holidaymakers from around the world. It is good to live in Ukraine, despite some events that have made its history. We invite you to discover this country of a thousand wonders through our guide of Ukraine.

Useful information

On this post you will find all the necessary information and last-minute advice for a pleasant stay in Kiev, that marvelous city. ­

  • Time zone: There is one-hour time difference between Ukraine and France. For example, 1: 30 in Paris is 2: 30 in Kiev. ­
  • Security: In big cities like Kiev, one does not need more precautions than in any other big city of the world. The police presence in the streets remains a common phenomenon. We recommend taking a walk through the city center and avoiding driving too long at night outside the city center. It is therefore appropriate, as in any other country, to be vigilant at night and in the subway. ­
  • Restaurant: In the city center, there are restaurants of various cuisines: Ukrainian, Italian, Japanese, Greek, Georgian. You will even find McDonald's in the heart of the city (Maidan) and in the most emblematic street: Kreschatik. You can eat quite well in the city center, paying from 5 to 10 €. ­
  • The climate: Temperature differences between winter and summer are important. The weather in winter is cold and snowy. The temperatures can go down to -10 ° C but normally in Kiev the average temperature during the day is 0 ° C. In summer, it is often very hot, around 25 ° C. In spring, the temperature and sunshine increase rapidly and from April / May the temperatures generally become pleasant. Despite the cold of winter or the summer heat, Ukrainians like to stroll, and the streets are lively.

Transport: How to get there?

By plane, you will probably land at the country's main airport, Borispol in Kiev. From France you can come by different companies: Malev, KLM, Swiss, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Wizzair (low cost) or Ukraine International. By bus, Eurolines provides a connection with Kiev, 40 hours from Paris.

The company Triton provides the Paris-Odessa line. By train, from Paris, you will have to go through Berlin and Krakow, the bogie changes at the border can take time though.

A variable-gauge night train commutes between Krakow and Kiev via Lviv. By car, it is better to go through Hungary because of the highways quality (rather than by Slovakia or Poland).

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